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-When you come to the source or when we deliver to your bench-

Precious Resources' primary activity is to function as a "buying agent" for professional buyers of Gems in Brazil's trading center: YOUR Buying Agent, procuring - single stones, discount lots and making special cuts for you. We also offer you the option to consult on how, when and where to sell what you buy through us. We are concerned about your success. See our videos - Click Here.

-Not get burnt! Make more and easier sales! Make more profit!
-By making you a hero to your customer and helping you make more and bigger sales with custom cuts to your specs at the source with source prices

fine alexandrite

Fine Alexandrite
paraiba tourmaline
Paraiba Tourmaline

What makes us different from most firms, is that we work with you to solve your gemstone buying & marketing problems by procuring your exact needs in Brazil's gem capital, cutting to those needs and suggesting more effective Marketing Strategies and Tactics. We help you put $ in your pocket.

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Here you can work with a firm whose managing director is a world renowned authority on how to make $ buying gems and selling colored gemstones.

A successful gem stone sourcing agent who has lectured, written many articles and the definitive book on how to turn gems into money, for more information or to order the book.


Want to know more about how you can design or have your customer design the gems that fit perfectly into your jewelry creation?

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Want to see how you personally can buy emeralds and alexandrites in a tropical gemstone trading center? Click on video below. Want to see how alexandrite and aquamarine rough are cut into sparkling gems?
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To see how Emerald, Alexandrite, Aquamarine, Tourmaline are
traded and cut, Click Video Below.

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paraiba tourmaline

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*You buying gems in Brazil.

*We serving as your gem buying guide in Brazil.

*Your Personal Gem Hunter.

*Fancy cutting to order.

*Gem carvings to order.


Ask us know how we can improve your marketing or your purchasing.
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We buy as your buying agent and ship to you; or help you buy here at the source.

sculptures Photo "JCK magazine" Brazil`s leading buying agent.
Photo "JCK magazine"
Brazil`s leading buying agent.
  • Want reduced precious stone costs? 

  • Locate difficult to fill gemstone orders? 

  • Get offers of close out lots?

We work as gemstone buying agents, similar to those in the textile or the toy industry. We take your specifications and search the market here in Brazil's cutting capital. If necessary we go to the mines in the area and buy rough. Then after your approval we cut or recut, in our own lapidation, the way you want and ship to you any where in the world.

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Other Services

*Consultants to New/Starting Dealers.
*Business Planning.
*Marketing Plans.
*"Open to Buy" projections.

  Whether you require center stones, sets or calibrated alexandrite, amethyst, andalusite, aquamarine, green beryl, yellow beryl, citrine, chrysoberyl, emerald, kunzite morganite, sphene, precious topaz, tourmaline indicolite, rubilite, green tourmaline. We are ideally positioned to get you the goods you need and want as they come out of the cutting shops and mines.

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Epaminondas Otoni Street, No. 891 - Room 107
CEP 39800-013 - Teofilo Otoni / Minas Gerais - Brazil

(+55 33) 3522-4724
(+55 33) 3521-5098
Direct USA Phone:
212 561 5426